The finale of the Bill Ricardi, Another Stupid Spell. We cover the ending, adding messages to your stories, and fun things.

For more information on Bill Ricardi, check out his website.

Next episode begins an interview series with Charlotte Graham about her cozy mystery, Scones and Scoundrels.

For more information on Mrs. Graham, visit her website.

I don't have a website, but I do have a blog.

Theme music is by Hannah Ausband Scheidt.

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My wife's podcast is called Sincerely, Someone Else.

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Today's fun stuff is another whodunnit. Knives Out

Things that we talk about in this episode:

Flowers for Algernon

Murder on the Orient Express

Unwilling Warlord

Magic Kingdom For Sell Sold

Tales From the Loop


Collected Works of HP Lovecraft

Dead Authors’ Podcast



Led Zeppelin


Blind Melon

Zero 7

Run the Jewels



Fantasia 2000

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